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Our Mission

Quality service at an affordable price

We are based in Melbourne’s outer North West with an office in Coolaroo and our vision is to be a leading provider of accounting and financial services in our area. We recognise the need to deliver personal, accurate, timely, high quality advice to our clients and provide value added strategies and solutions with an open, innovative and sustainable approach.

In an ever changing complex economy, we have responded to the needs of our clients.


Our approach is simple – expert, local advice on Public Accounting and Taxation compliance, Audit, Business Management, Cash flow planning, Financial Planning, Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), Estate Planning issues and specialist services – that is designed to meet the specific individual and business needs of our clientele.

At Esha Denkha & Associates, our clients have the unique opportunity to experience first-class friendly services. Our firm employs an experienced team of highly qualified and motivated individuals who strive to provide a high level of service.

Our staff-members keep abreast of new trends, policies, and procedures, and have the qualifications, training, experience, and know how that you want and need.

Our focus is on our clients, ensuring every effort is met to provide appropriate personal advice and professional client service excellence using the latest technology.

With more than 11 year’s experience, our team of pro-active and innovative professionals are committed to helping you achieve your business and personal financial goals – we are here to help you grow! Our objective is to provide sound financial planning and reporting to meet your needs now and in the future as your organisation goals change.

We take the time to listen to our clients and translate observations into practical, useful recommendations to help these clients prosper.


We explain and minimise the complexity of any situation by using clear and simple terminology.

We will work with you to get your tax affairs on-track and efficient, ensuring you pay no more tax than you are legally obliged to.


We always aim to bring the biggest returns to you and to maximise your profits, wealth and tax filing experience in a positive way.


We are very strict when it comes to ethics and we will always be honest about your current tax and financial situation.

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